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Tchaikovsky With Fireworks With The Philadelphia Orchestra


Tchaikovsky With Fireworks With The Philadelphia Orchestra

June 13, 2015 4:00 AM
By RJ McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Mann Center presents “Tchaikovsky with Fireworks with the Philadelphia Orchestra” on June 23rd.  Catherine Cahill, President and CEO of the Mann, shared a preview of the event. 

“We have the wonderful conductor, Cristian Macelaru, and the principal cellist of the Philadelphia Orchestra Hai-ye Ni, and you will be hearing the Romeo and Juliet Overture followed by the Rococo Variations, which is a work for cello and orchestra that she will be performing. Then the glorious music from the suit from ‘Swan Lake’ and then concluding with the 1812 Overture, with cannons and, of course, fireworks,” Cahill explained.

She also shared why the show has been on hiatus for three years.

“We wanted to give it a rest, introduce other repertoire and programs for our residencies of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and now it was time to bring it back.”