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Mann Center Wedding


One of Philly’s Best Outdoor Music Venues Is Now Available for Weddings

by Gina Tomaine | Philly Mag

Been to a million concerts at the Mann? (Since you can see everything from the Harry Potter score played by the Philadelphia Orchestra to Robyn to Ed Sheeran to Jill Scott to Beethoven’s 9th — all while sipping wine on a blanket under the stars — it’s likely you have.) Now, though, you can see yourself and your sweetheart there: getting married.

For the first time this year, spaces on the Mann Center for the Performing Art’s 22-acre campus are up for for private event rentals. Yup, that means you can have your wedding here. There’s five event spaces total, including the Main Stage and Pavilion — all featuring the Mann’s expansive greenery and classic skyline views from Fairmount Park, which honestly can’t be beat. Plus, we have to admit getting married on a stage where you saw some of your favorite concerts together creates a pretty dramatic effect. Check out the photos below by Sabin Gratz to get a better look.

There have been some new additions and sprucing up, such as new Acclaim tented area, and a renovation on the seats at the Mann pavilion (they’re now green instead of blue, as pictured.) There are six areas available to rent, including tented ones since the Mann is mostly an outdoor space (that means lots of lawn space and gardens, though).

The largest is the Pavilion and Main Stage, which has a seating capacity of 13,000, mainly for larger events — the Skyline Stage, the other expansive space which can hold up 7,500 guests, is also available. The newest one is Acclaim, a 2,000-square-foot tented space for 100 or 150 guests, depending on if the reception is seated or standing, that boasts those great skyline views.

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