Arts Teach @ The Mann

The Mann’s Field Education Center was opened in the spring of 2007. This space enables the Mann to expand our educational programs by providing a studio space for intimate workshops, lectures and demonstrations for area youth to interact with local and internationally renowned artists, and engage personally with the performing arts.

 ArtsTeach @ The Mann is comprised of 5 programs:

Artist in Residency, Greenfield Performance Treasures

Master Class/Meet the Artist & Tiny Tots Fascination Series


This year, in its 9th season, ArtsTeach reached over 2,777 youth from city wide schools, recreation centers, churches, and cultural and national organizations with 26 workshops. These workshops helped students aged 3-17 to comprehend and retain information, improve self-esteem, and also challenged them to think in new and creative ways. The Mann Center provides these exceptional programs and transportation FREE of charge to all ArtsTeach participants.


Selected performing arts majors from city-wide public and parochial schools have the opportunity to experience the performing arts through close interaction with professional artists, guiding students through the fundamentals of dance, music, and theater during a residency program constructed during the formal school calendar year. 



This series is an expansion of the Mann's Young People's Concert Series and is designed to connect the young participants directly to the scheduled main stage performances and artists with pre-concert and post-concert demonstrations, lectures, and participatory activities. 


This series offers artistic, career-bound students the opportunity to collaborate with professional artists. These intimate sessions allow specially-selected students to interact with world-class artists and receive immediate feedback with lasting value toward furthering their aspirations of a professional career in the arts. 












These participatory workshops/performances are provided in music, creative dramatics, puppetry, storytelling, dance and movement. They provide a nurturing environment where young participants in grades Pre-K3 can discover their creativity and self-expresion through the arts


Arts Teach @ the Mann History

Year Participants
2007 2,953
2008 3,297
2009 4,780
2010 5,490
2011 5,620
2012 3,475
2013 2,375
2014 2,583
2015 2,929


Arts Teach @ The Mann programs include Connecting Arts @ The Center, a series designed to connect our young people with professional artists in participatory activities that enrich, educate, and entertain. 

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