Barbara Walker Performs at West Philadelphia Senior Center – “Better than Bingo”

On July 25, 2012, as a part of Community Engagement, the Mann presented Barbara Walker, an acclaimed jazz singer and entertainer at the West Philadelphia Senior Center. Walker, a West Philly native, gave an outstanding performance that brought the seniors to their feet. Accompanied by an extremely talented band, Walker began her performance with songs that she claimed would take the seniors on a walk down memory lane, and she was right! Her selection of older jazz tunes lit up the face of every person there, creating nostalgia through her soulful voice. She brought excitement by walking around the entire room, interacting with the audience while singing. Her light-hearted manner and fun-loving personality had the seniors laughing, dancing and singing along to each song. Towards the end, Walker performed a couple of her own original songs. Afterwards, she had many of the seniors coming up to formally meet her and asking for her newest CD. It’s safe to say that a fun time was had by all!

Attendees from West Philadelphia Senior Center sang along and danced with Barbara Walker

Barbara Walker serenades a lucky concert attendee at West Philadelphia Senior Center


Photos by: Nathea Lee/PhotoBravura


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